If there’s one,
there’s two.

A completely free alternative to one-on-one therapy.


Changing the way we discuss our grief, mental health and well-being in open and honest spaces. Nobody should ever feel isolated, and there is always somebody who will relate to your story. ‘If there’s one, there’s two.’

a photo of Ben and Jack (2 of the founders) smiling, looking at the camera wearing white tshirts with the word "GRIEF" written on them


Peer-to-peer support is a format that The New Normal Charity has proudly adopted from inception in May 2018. We feel that the best form of therapy is to talk to others with similar life experiences.

We have been helping people through life’s difficult moments for over three years now- facilitating conversations between individuals who find themselves in very similar positions. We promise that you are not as isolated as you feel.

Professional help might not be your thing. Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper, more relaxed alternative?

Our spaces are all free, open and non-judgemental. And of course, there is never any pressure to talk if you would prefer just to attend and listen.

Thank you for your continued support. Please read on to learn about the support groups that we currently host on a weekly basis.

An introduction to The New Normal Charity with two of our founders, Jack and Ben. Hosted by Amber Jeffrey of The Grief Gang.


Our advice

We've looked at lots of information and worked with our own community to put together help and advice. This is something we will continue to do, so if there’s something additional you need please get in touch.

More Advice
Things to consider before talking to your recently bereaved friend
How to listen better when someone opens up to you about their mental health
Behaviour in grief that is often misunderstood
Language and suicide
how to be a grief ally: in a relationship
How to be a grief ally: at work
How to be a grief ally: from afar
how to be a grief ally: in baby loss

Recent stories from our members

It always helps to hear real-life experiences, to help reassure you. Some of our meeting attendees have kindly shared their experiences.

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Lost her sister on 04/12/2017

My sister’s name was Georgia, (I always called her George). She was 21 years old when she died and she took her own life. She was my first best friend and someone who I miss every single day and love forever. My sister was the funniest person I knew, she was the kind of person you would want at a party because she would be making everyone laugh and making jokes all the time. I think now whether this was partly a cover for how she was feeling and that hurts my heart a lot, but she cared so much for everyone else and made me feel like I was the best sister in the world with how much she loved me and her other siblings.

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Lost her dad on 16/06/2019

My father used to play this song full blast over and over again when I was young. The bass would rattle every rickety bone in our house and we’d belt out the lyrics with fierce passion albeit ill-equipped voices. He owned every version and remix ever released of Radiohead's, Creep. Why? Because, well, that was his style. When he loved something, he loved it hard. Obsessively. To the point of no return. He taught me to do the same.

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Our meetings: Find out more

We understand that grief and mental health are complicated and often isolating, which is why we have a range of meetings for all people. Search through our meetings to find one that you feel you would be most comfortable in.

Our meetings


The New Normal is proud to provide non-professional support. It may be that we are not best placed to help you at this time or you could need someone to talk to at difficult times between meetings. If that's the case we would always encourage you to speak to the Samaritans. No judgement. No pressure. They're there for anyone who needs someone. You can call them free on 116 123 or visit their website www.samaritans.org for more information.

Samaritans Website