How to be a grief ally from afar

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Grieving for someone is a particularly tough thing to do. If you are separated from your support system it’s made so much harder. If someone you care about is facing a difficult time you’re probably looking for ways you can offer support. You can still show up for them even if you can’t provide that much needed in person TLC. We have put together some practical ways to show your person that you care from afar.

Tip 1

Reach out regularly grief can be isolating

Use texts like this: “I’m going to keep checking in once/twice a week by phone/text unless you tell me it’s a bother. Never any pressure to respond. Does that work?”.

Tip 2

Ask how they prefer to stay connected

Just as people grieve differently, they may wish to communicate differently after their loss. Responding to a text may feel easier for some people than taking a call. Try not to make assumptions.

Tip 3

Send a small gift or card in the post

Send a handwritten card or put together a care package containing their favourite things, flowers, a journal, well-being gifts, food they enjoy or drinks they like.

Tip 4

Do something practical

Order them ready made meals, better yet cook or bake for them. If they have a dog you could walk it or take another pet off their hands for a while. Send them a gift voucher for a post quarantine professional house clean.

Tip 5

Share photos of their loved one

If you have any photos of their loved one now is a great time to share them. You could put them into a frame or photo album or even make a video.

Tip 6

Help them to locate online support

There are many resources online that are free and open to your loved one.

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