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When are they?

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are running multiple virtual meetings each week. Check our Upcoming Meetings page for more details. Their duration is 75 minutes each, from 18:00 and 19:30.

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Where are they?

London. Devonshire Square WeWork, Building 8, EC2M 4YF. (Directly opposite Liverpool St station).

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No need to book

There is no appointment necessary. Simply arrive 15 minutes ahead of the meeting.

Peer-to-peer support is a format that The New Normal Charity has proudly adopted from inception in May 2018. We feel that very simply, the best form of therapy is always to talk. We have been helping young people through life’s difficult moments for over two years now- facilitating conversations between individuals who find themselves in very similar positions. We promise that you are not as isolated as you feel. Professional help might not be your thing. Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper, more relaxed alternative? Our totally free spaces are all open and non-judgemental. And of course, there is never any pressure to talk if you would prefer just to attend and listen. Thank you for your continued support. Please read on to learn about the support groups that we currently host on a weekly basis.

Good Grief

Good Grief was our very first peer-to-peer support group, first held in May 2018. Created by friends who were bonded by the loss of their dads, this group is designed to offer a safe space for grievers all over the world to share in their experiences of life, loss and love.

In March 2020, our Good Grief meetings were moved online to fall in line with COVID-19 protocol. Initially hosted in Central London, we now welcome grievers from all four sides of the world- with attendees joining us from The United States, mainland Europe, Sri Lanka, Bemuda and beyond.

At the beginning of each meeting, we take it in turns to introduce ourselves and the person or people we are in attendance to remember. The conversation organically takes shape- offering everyone a chance to speak if they are willing.

We host three meetings a week, all at a duration of 75 minutes. With one eye to the future and the hope that physical meetings will one day make a return- we want to give you the peace of mind that our new virtual meetings are here to stay!

Black and Brown Good Grief

Black and Brown Good Grief is a safe space for our black and brown grievers.

The meeting was created to give space to comfortably discuss experiences of grief in an understanding and non-judgemental environment, in the knowledge that your grief and experiences are shared with others from similar cultural and ethnic heritage.

Hosted by our wonderful Black and Brown hosts, the format of this meeting follows that of Good Grief. There is never any pressure to talk. But we hope that in attending, you feel that your voice is being heard, and grief represented.

It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated is our new grief support group for those of us that feel our grief has that extra, added layer of complication.

Maybe your relationship with the person you grieve wasn’t very good? Perhaps you fear judgement because your loved one took their own life? Or are there still some questions about the cause of death?

Whatever your reasons for attending our grief support groups, know there is never any judgement and you are justified in attendance. But if Good Grief feels a little too out of place for you at the moment, It’s Complicated has been launched with you in mind.

Boys Talk

We have been working hard to bring you our new Men’s Mental Health peer-to-peer support group, Boys Talk.

Formatted exactly like our grief groups, this space is designed to give you an opportunity to open-up about your mental health struggles, in the safe knowledge that the people you are talking to are experiencing similar difficulties.

Hosted by men who are navigating their own emotional journeys, we will offer you an understanding space to share your experiences if you so wish.

In the current climate that we find ourselves in, never has it been so important to be honest about how we are feeling.

As a charity founded by men, TNN has always aimed to re-define what it is to be a ‘man’.

Society tells us to be ‘strong’. To ‘man-up’. This is not how we deal with things. With the two year and ongoing success of Good Grief, we can promise you that communication is key to dealing with our problems.

Our groups are totally open and non-judgemental, so nobody should ever fear prejudice.

Given a safe space, we feel that everybody has the ability to find their strength and communicate their honest emotions. The really is the beauty of peer-to-peer support.

Queer Good Grief

Queer Good Grief is a safe space for our grievers from the LGBTQ+ community.

As a queer person, you may have a complicated relationship with your biological family. Maybe you feel you self-censor yourself when dealing with grief? Or perhaps you are not always comfortable in sharing your vulnerability?

Here at TNN, we are passionate about creating safe, honest and open spaces for all. Following the same format as Good Grief and hosted by our QGG hosts, we’ve created this space to prioritise the grief of those from the LGBTQ+ community- allowing you to open-up freely, without fear of taboo or judgement.

The New Normal is a proud to provide non-professional support. It may be that we are not best placed to help you at this time or you could need someone to talk to at difficult times between meetings. If that's the case we would always encourage you speak to the Samaritans. No judgement. No pressure. They're there for anyone who needs someone. You can call them free on 116 123 or visit their website for more information.

Registered Charity No. 1187513