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Black and Brown Good Grief

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Black and Brown Good Grief is a peer to peer support meeting and safe space for black and brown grievers.

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Once a month

Wednesday 7pm UK

Next meeting - 28th April

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Work.Life Holborn, London, WC1R 4PS UK

What is it?

Black and Brown Good Grief is a peer to peer support meeting and safe space for black and brown grievers. Black and Brown Good Grief allows a person to grieve acknowledging the nuances of their heritage and culture while still being a person grieving someone. Black and Brown Good Grief was started by black and brown attendees and continues to be run and hosted this way.

Why did it start?

The New Normal was launched to give everybody a safe space to grieve and feel comfortable in their grief. Black and Brown Good Grief was launched in July 2020 by two incredible women, Amber and Georgia, to give a space and voice to the Black and Brown community. Attendees felt, at times, they spent too much time explaining their experiences rather than receiving the full support they needed. There was a collective recognition that not everyone felt fully represented or supported by meetings or one to one support, and we had to take action to change that. ‘The online grief community is a wonderful space. I know for a fact, it has saved some people’s lives. To finally find a space where you feel seen and heard in your grief. A space where you can truly express your feelings without shame. A space where most find someone or something they can relate to. But that is not the case for all. The people who that isn’t the case for, is the black and brown community. There is a lack of representation and SAFE SPACES amongst the online grief world for people who look like me, along with many others. A lack of spaces where we feel seen and heard in our entirety. A lack of spaces where we can just grieve, without explanation needed. TNN was born to create a space for everybody to grieve.’ Amber founding host of Black and Brown

What to expect?

The meetings were created to give space to comfortably discuss experiences of grief in an understanding environment, in the knowledge that your grief and experiences are shared with others from similar cultural backgrounds and ethnic heritage. At the beginning of each meeting, attendees take it in turns to introduce themselves and the person or people they are in attendance to remember. We also share our pronouns to create a safe an open space for all. From then there is no pressure at all to speak, many people attend our meetings to listen. The hosts of the meeting will then ask the group if anyone has anything they would like to bring in to the space. Whatever a person has to say is relevant and they are welcome to bring anything to the meeting. All attendees are asked to respect the privacy of the space and treat others and ourselves with kindness throughout.

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Meet the hosts

Here's a selection of some of our wonderful meeting hosts. / Voici certaines des hôtes qui facilitent les rencontres.



I lost my mum in June 2016 to a sudden heart attack

What I like about hosting and what I’ve gained: With every session/ group it’s like meeting up with old friends again. In a space that really holds me and my grief. I come out feeling lighter and loved every time Has it helped: 100%. How could it not! It’s great to know that it is there if and when I need it. That safety and security of knowing on those bad and good days too might i add, that the TNN family has my back



I lost my dad in 2017

I like hosting because it gives me a lot of empathy with my own grief. I think sometimes we can become consumed with our own story and what happened to us, which of course is important to acknowledge that but it's also equally important to kind of get yourself out of that space, and hosting helps me to do that. It also allows me to use my own grief for good because a lot of the time I can relate to people and a lot of the time I can't and I think there's this amazing balance between the two. I think that I have a healthier relationship with my own grief journey because I speak about grief all the time to bereaved and non bereaved people, where as before, I don't think that I had the language. Sometimes when I host it allows me to understand a new thing about my grief and i'm constantly learning about it even as I try to give someone else an understanding of their own. It's allowed me to feel really comfortable in any situation whether it's with bereaved people or not, just to be able to talk about it because it's such an important part of my life. Before TNN, I didn't know where to put my grief because I couldn't speak to friends and family, I felt no one really understood. Being able to just decide when you want to be a host and part of this community allows the grief to be a healthy part of you. Before hosting, I wish I knew about this community in grief, I wish I'd joined it earlier or it exsisted when i needed it. It's amazing that it exists now for people in their first years of their grief. Volunteering for TNN is something I'm passionate about and I love how you can make it work for you, I know how much it's going to expand which is amazing and it's so rewarding to be a part of that.