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Girls Talk is an open, honest and safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman. It is a peer support meeting for women to speak openly about their mental health.

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Once a month

Tuesday 7.30pm UK

Next meeting - 10th October

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Work.Life Holborn, London, WC1R 4PS UK

What is it?

Girls Talk is an open, honest and safe space for anyone who identifies as a woman. It is a peer support meeting for women to speak openly about their mental health, and to allow them to acknowledge the things in their lives impacting their well-being. There are many reasons attendees come to Girls Talk some of these include, but are absolutely not limited to: Abandonment, abuse, addiction, alcohol, anger, anxiety, baby loss, being a carer, being a victim of a crime, bipolar, body dysmorphia, BPD, breakdown of relationships, bullying, confidence, depression, disability, discrimination, domestic violence, drugs, family breakup, gender, grief, ill health, isolation, femininity, money, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks, phobias, poverty, race, religion, self harm, self worth, sexuality, sleep, stress, suicide, therapy, trauma and work.

Why did it start?

So many people believe that women are much better at “talking” but sometimes it’s really important to have a space where you feel safe to speak completely openly and honestly about the hard things in life that can impact our mental well-being. I am so grateful for Girls Talk, it provides a space to share with other women who understand. And if they don’t understand, they will always still listen. The impact that sharing can have is life changing and sometimes, even life saving. Jodie founding hots of Girls Talk

What to expect?

The meetings were created to give space for women to comfortably discuss their mental health and well-being. Peer support as a model better equips us all to have better conversations about mental health, mental illness and mental well-being. Talking about mental health with people we know can actually feel harder. It can be difficult to listen without any judgement when we know the person, whereas a room full of strangers can feel safe. We listen without judgement to those who speak. At the beginning of each meeting, attendees take it in turns to introduce themselves and why they are attending. We also share our pronouns to create a safe space for all. From then on there is no pressure at all to speak, many people attend our meetings to listen. The host will then ask the group if anyone has anything they would like to bring in to the space. Whatever a person has to say is relevant and they are welcome to bring anything to the meeting. All attendees are asked to respect the privacy of the space and treat others and ourselves with kindness throughout.

Where is it?

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Meet the hosts

Here's a selection of some of our wonderful meeting hosts. / Voici certaines des hôtes qui facilitent les rencontres.



I lost my sister

I love being able to hold a space for others, as I’ve felt the benefit of being an attendee and the groups have honestly been the space I never knew I needed to discuss my grief and share memories of my sister as well as thoughts and feelings I’ve had since she passed away. Being able to be there for others going through their grief feels as though I’m giving them a chance to explore things they may have not known they needed to explore.



After joining my first Good Grief meeting in September 2020 to speak about the loss of my Sister, I quickly realised the benefit of sharing an listening to other peoples experiences. Exercising has also helped me throughout challenges with my mental health. Getting outside and doing something no matter how short, can feel like a really big win on a hard day. After speaking with people and hearing they feel the same about the benefits of talking and exercising, it felt like combining the two was a good step to make.