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Lockdown Loss

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Lockdown Loss is a peer to peer support meeting and safe space for anyone who has lost someone since the onset of the pandemic.

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Wednesday 7.30 UK

Next meeting - 31st August

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Work.Life Holborn, London, WC1R 4PS UK

What is it?

Lockdown Loss is a peer to peer support meeting and safe space for anyone who has lost someone since the onset of the pandemic. Lockdown Loss allows a person to grieve acknowledging the nuances of losing someone during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Why did it start?

The New Normal was launched to give everybody a safe space to grieve and feel comfortable in their grief. Lockdown Loss was launched in April 2021 after a request from an attendee, Amelia. Attendees felt, at times, they had to explain their experience during covid and lockdown rather than receiving the full support they needed. We decided to take action to change that. We recognise the differences in circumstance and want people to feel they’re in a place that truly understands their story. ‘Losing someone during the pandemic has been an extremely unique experience. In addition to the trauma of losing someone, I have had to deal with the complexities of limited funerals and being unable to grieve with others amongst many other things. I have attended weekly TNN meetings since I lost my mum and they’re wonderful yet it still felt difficult to find others who could totally relate to these experiences. Lockdown loss has been an amazing resource to find others who I can talk to and who understand. Through these shared experiences, we are learning together how to navigate our new world after loss and the pandemic.’ Amelia Ferguson founding attendee of Lockdown Loss

What to expect?

The meetings were created to give space to comfortably discuss experiences of grief in an understanding environment, in the knowledge that your grief and experiences are shared with others who lost someone during the same period in time. At the beginning of each meeting, attendees take it in turns to introduce themselves and the person or people they are in attendance to remember. We also share our pronouns to create a safe an open space for all. From then there is no pressure at all to speak, many people attend our meetings to listen. The hosts of the meeting will then ask the group if anyone has anything they would like to bring in to the space. Whatever a person has to say is relevant and they are welcome to bring anything to the meeting. All attendees are asked to respect the privacy of the space and treat others and ourselves with kindness throughout.

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Meet the hosts

Here's a selection of some of our wonderful meeting hosts.



I lost my dad in September 2020

I love hosting because you get to hold the space for others and help them on their grief journey. It’s so amazing to be able to see the development of attendees and and have an amazing community at your feet. It has helped immensely in my own grief journey because I know I’m not alone. The only thing I wish I knew sooner was how amazing it was going to be!



I lost my Dad, Dave

Hosting Good Grief Sessions has been the single best thing for my grief. The knowledge that i'm in a safe and secure environment, full of people willing to listen to stories about my dad, gives me the motivation to do it time and time again. It's always been a pleasure to hear of others experiences and to learn of their people.