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The Student Grief Zine

Grief Zine for Students from The Student Grief Network X The New Normal.

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This is a resource that helps us understand how we, and others, may experience grief, and to start moving through some of those layers. It was designed with university students in mind, but really, it’s for anyone who has experienced loss, as well as those wanting to offer their support.

The zine consists of short written chapters, artwork, and quotes from our community. You may relate to some bits while other sections feel irrelevant or inaccurate, and that’s alright - grief is complex and unique to each person, so take what you need and leave the rest.

The Student Grief Zine was written and designed by Anna May with contributions from seventeen young adults in our community.

This is a collaborative project from The Student Grief Network and The New Normal, funded by The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust. Profits from the sale of this zine will be split between TSGN and TNN to assist their ongoing grief support work.

You can view extracts, download the pdf and find out more about the project at

Size: B6

Length: 36 pages