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Good Grief Americas is a peer to peer support meeting for anyone who has experienced a loss.

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Twice a month

Mondays & Wednesdays

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Monday 4th March 4pm Pacific
Wednesday 20th March 7pm Pacific

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What is it?

Good Grief is a peer-to-peer support meeting for anyone who has experienced a loss. Good Grief is our original meeting. It was started in 2018 by friends Jack and Ben in an attempt to bring like-minded adults together to openly discuss their stories and experiences surrounding their personal grief. It is a place for people to be themselves and talk freely. Born from this is Good Grief Americas, a newly timed Good Grief meeting to allow for those in the Western Hemisphere to join, as well as those around the world who cannot attend our other meetings such as shift workers, people in hospitality and parents.

Why did it start?

‘We started Good Grief to connect with other individuals who were navigating their young lives in grief. I needed other people who wanted to hear about my dad and the life I now lived without him in it. In doing so, we were able to hold space for one another’s loss. I was able to hear hundreds of other stories from all over the world, helping me better understand my own grief and also the intricacies and complexities around what death means to other people. It has always been a community spirit and understanding, and I am always so thankful for the space’ Jack, founding host of Good Grief

What to expect?

The meetings were created to give space to comfortably discuss experiences of grief in an understanding environment, in the knowledge that your grief and experiences are shared with others who can relate. At the beginning of each meeting, attendees take it in turns to introduce themselves and the person or people they are in attendance to remember. We also share our pronouns to create a safe an open space for all. From then there is no pressure at all to speak, many people attend our meetings to listen. The host(s) of the meeting will then ask the group if anyone has anything they would like to bring in to the space. Whatever a person has to say is relevant and they are welcome to bring anything to the meeting. All attendees are asked to respect the privacy of the space and treat others and ourselves with kindness throughout.

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Meet the hosts

Here's a selection of some of our wonderful meeting hosts. / Voici certaines des hôtes qui facilitent les rencontres.



Lost their dad in 2016

I started coming to meetings in 2020 when the pandemic was triggering a lot of my own grief for the loss of my dad a few years prior, as well as deep anxiety and obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviour. I was immediately convinced of the peer-to-peer model as it allowed me to feel connected, less lonely, and above all else, seen. Being in and holding space has been such a healing process and I am extremely grateful for TNN for providing the container to do so. As being in those spaces has been life-changing for me, I knew this experience needed to be shared by as many people around the world as possible, and I am eager to bring it to the Western Hemisphere.