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TNN X Anita's Textiles Personalised 'Bubbles' Urn

TNN X Anita's Textiles Personalised Textile Urn: 'Bubbles'

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'Bubbles' is one of four pieces exclusively available as part of a creative collaboration between The New Normal and Penzance-based artist Anita's Textiles.

As a handmade and personalised item, each piece is unique. This textile urn is personalised for you with material from your something belonging to your special person.

The design consists of several appliquéd bubble shapes with free motion stitch work on a plain background, and backed with felted wool. It comes mounted on a wooden base.

Anita's Textiles is kindly donating a generous portion of the sales from this collaboration, to support the provision of TNN's free to access peer support meetings.

Lead time: 4 weeks

Materials: Mixed textiles, hollow fibre filling, wooden stand

Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 100mm

Handmade in Cornwall, UK


This design allows up to five different fabrics. Pattern fabrics suit this design, and cotton and linens work best.

You only need to provide a small amount of your chosen fabric, the rest can be provided from Anita's own repurposed collection.

After placing your order, you will receive a request for your personalisation choices, information on providing your material, and Anita will be able to answer any questions.

Please allow 4 weeks for your order to be made and dispatched after the receipt of your material.

About the Artist

Anita designs and handmakes these textile urns at her home in Cornwall. When Anita's father died, they could not hold a traditional funeral due to the Covid-19 lockdown. So, like many of us, she found a personalised way of marking this loss.

Fabric from her father's favourite waistcoat was used to make a set of figures, a gift for each of his immediate family. A small amount of his ashes were placed inside each figure.

Anita shares: "I've never really liked the traditional urn, so I decided to stitch a set of figures. My father's textile urn is a daily reminder of him right here in my  home: it holds my connection to him without it being apparent to anyone else”  

Low environmental-impact is a priority for Anita's Textiles: items are made in the artist's home using a 60 year old sewing machine, fabrics are recycled and your urn will arrive in a muslin bag in a recyclable cardboard box.

You can follow the artist on her Instagram: @anitapryor_textiles