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TNN X Nmmela Designs 'A Sad Craze' A4 Print

TNN X Nmmela Designs 'A Sad Craze' A4 Print

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'A Sad Craze' Art Print (A4)

Naima: "A Sad Craze is about my experiences with depression that came alongside grief in the lead up to my mother's anniversary. The colourful colours represent that sometimes what we see at face value isn't the always the truth of someone's internal experience."

Original painted with gouache & acrylic.

Creative collaboration between The New Normal and intuitive artist Naima, known as Nmmela Designs (@nmmela.designs).

Her work focuses on her experiences with grief, and living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and her experiences with intrusive thoughts. She hopes to raise an awareness of, and normalise speaking about, mental health, grief and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through her visual approach.

50% of profits are kindly being donated by Naima, to support the funding of TNN's free-to-access peer support meetings.

Further items from this collaboration are also available.

Paper Size: A4 Print (297mm x 210mm)

Printed on 250gsm Unicorn White

Printed in Leeds, UK